Authorities in South Florida say a 41-year-old teacher, who has been under investigation for sleeping with a 15-year-old student since March, is pregnant.

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Heiry Calvi was arrested Thursday after months of investigation. Police in Doral, Florida were alerted by students told Miami-Dade Schools police that the 15-year-old was showing the school pictures and videos of him and Calvi having sex.

Although Calvi was removed from the school system in March, she was only just arrested on October 7th. Upon intake at the jail, officers discovered she was pregnant. She was released on Saturday and made no comments.

Calvi worked in the Miami-Dade school district for two decades, and was at her current school since 2005. Authorities indicated that she had taken the student to locations outside of school, including Miami Beach.

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As you would assume with any story like this, the internet was ignited with comments and reactions.

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Most of the comments refer to history repeating itself, how this seems be happening year after year since the first known case in 1997 with Mary Kay Letourneau, who became pregnant with her student's child and married him after he graduated.

Kaylin King

There's always the battle between Texas and Florida when it comes to the "I cannot believe this" news.

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This comment is the most important takeaway from situations like these. The obvious double standards. Most of the comments and reactions that I saw to this story was men saying "Where were the teachers like this when I was in school?" or "lucky kid". If the roles were reversed, there would be no light hearted comments if the teacher was a male with a female student.

The most unfortunate part about this is that 15-year-old boy is now a father and a victim of assault. I don't think many people realize that when seeing a story like this. They see the adult arrested and leave the victim as an afterthought.

We can only hope these stories and situations come to a stop. There are so many stories like these that never see the light of day.

Thoughts and prayers to all of the victims in situations like these.

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