Have you noticed your whites having reddish/brown blotches after they've been bleached? And what's strange, it may not be all of your whites. Is there something in the water?

I thought bleach was supposed to help make whites brighter? I know over time, beached can make your whites dingy, a brownish color. But when that happens, it's usually over time and the discoloration is throughout the entire towel or garment.

I used to buy thick expensive washcloths until recently. Over the past year, I've switched to cheaper washcloths and bath towels from Amazon. They worked fine until about a month ago.

I'm noticing reddish/brown splotches all over my towels, but only when I use bleach on them. And it's not the entire towel, only spots and only when I use bleach.

Online research explains how too much iron in a water system can do that or if the bleach interacts with manganese. This is more prominent in homes where a well is used to supply water. But I'm on Lafayette Parish water.

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Staff Photo

These spots will not come out. I've tried rust removers, more bleach and even baking soda. Towels (old and new) now have these reddish/brown, with maybe a purple hue, spots all over them.

In this video, you can see how after a towel has been sprayed with bleach, in this case, I used Clorox Cleaner, the spots start to appear. What you don't see in this video is how, as time goes by, the spots get darker and more intense. The towel used in this demonstration had been freshly washed.

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