As I wrote about last week, the continuing sightings of people in scary clown masks will get worse before it gets better. Law enforcement agencies throughout the US are warning residents who see suspicious persons in clown masks to avoid contact and report the sightings instead.

Social media reported the sighting of people dressed as clowns on the Penn State campus, leading a mob of 500 students to charge through the streets to find them, chanting "We are Penn State." Penn State Police Sgt. Mike Nelson told Centre Daily Times that

“The cause of this specifically was social media. If there were any clowns with this many students out there and with our police responding to calls, we would have ran into it. Some photos we’ve seen were photoshopped or incidents from across the country.”

Nelson also said an image of a clown was projected on the facade of campus building. Police believe a number of clown "sightings" are simply prank calls inspired by legitimate clown appearances. Thankfully, there was no property damage and no one was injured during the Penn State incident.

Police continue to encourage the public to avoid panic or engaging with persons in clown attire and report any sightings.

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