A shooting in Houston, Texas that took the life of one man was all caught on camera.

The gunfire rang out as multiple shots were aimed toward the black SUV that you see here, and in the vehicle was the son of a politician in the Dominican Republic.

Now, police are looking for the suspects that they say may be responsible for the shooting at the gas station.

KPRC reports, "Four suspects in two separate vehicles, a gray Dodge Charger and a silver Mercedes sedan, pulled up to the gas station and fired long guns at two people who were exiting the store and had returned to their Cadillac Escalade."

Four people were in the black SUV when gunfire struck it, but two were to escape back into the store uninsured while another is in critical condition, and one person is dead.

Police are reviewing surveillance video and searching for the suspects.

 Here's a look at the shooting, we will warn you that the video below may be DISTURBING to some.


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