While it may not be Breaking News to you, people still do steal from Walmart stores in Louisiana.

Sadly, some people still do go into stores with the intent of stealing and we now have a better idea as to what they are taking from Walmart stores here without paying for them.

Years ago, I was at a Walmart store in Lafayette, Louisiana and I saw a young lady attempt to remove a compact disc from its packaging and she didn't seem to care if anyone saw her. I bring it up because so many people steal these days and they don't worry about the consequences of their actions.

In Louisiana, property crime ranks the highest of all crimes committed, and according to Crimegrade, theft sits atop all other property crimes committed in our state.

So yes, theft here is a major problem and it doesn't seem to be diminishing through the years.


Of all property crimes committed in Louisiana, theft sits at 27.16% of crimes committed. What that should tell you is that there are a lot of individuals out there stealing, and a lot of companies or businesses are suffering from theft.

Let's now focus on theft at Walmart stores. The company, like most other major companies across the country, is aware of theft in their stores and in recent years they have made changes to their security measures.

Hence, have you noticed that some commonly used items for sale in stores, like in Walmart, are now under lock and key? Well, there's a reason why.

Plus, not only has Walmart put more cameras inside and outside of stores, but they have also added more people to work "loss prevention." That is there are employees of the company in regular civilian clothing looking for those who are attempting to steal.

Having once spoken to someone who once worked in loss prevention for Walmart, they told me you'd be shocked to see what people steal from stores.

So, let's take a look at the 16 most commonly stolen items from Walmart stores in Louisiana. 


These Are The Top 16 Items Stolen From Walmart In Louisiana

Sadly, some people have to resort to stealing items from stores across the country. But which are the top ones in Louisiana?

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