Friday morning during the Polyester Power Hour, Steve Wiley host of KTDY's midday show, worked the Townsquare Media switchboard for 7 radio stations while Janet the real receptionist took a break.  With the help of listeners to KTDY, CJ made his job VERY difficult.

Janet was in the KTDY studio with CJ and Debbie Ray and had an earpiece to hear calls coming into the switchboard at he desk.  Everyone in the KTDY studio could see Steve through the studio window.  During the VERY popular Polyester Power Hour, CJ jumped on the air while Steve was substituting for Janet at the switchboard, to ask ALL listeners to call (337) 233-6000 the business line into the building.

At first Steve knew everyone was up to something because Debbie Ray was videoing, he just didn't know what.  Watch what happened when he found out!

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