Apparently, according to women size does matter, so how big is YOUR happiness?When it comes to size, women have a size that makes them most happy.  A survey revealed size 14 women are the most comfortable in their own skin. Now what did you think we were talking about?

You may think thin is in based on what you see on television, movies and magazines, but almost twice as many size 14 women say they are happy with their size and appearance than women who wear a size 2.  Snap! 

What's a bit crazy is that more than half of women who are a size 2 say they wish they had more curves.  Hey size 2s, know how to get more curves?  Eat!

Size 14 ladies say they like the way they look in their clothes and compliments make them feel even better about themselves.

No matter what size you are, be happy!

[Via:  MailOnline]

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