Folks in Louisiana are not happy with the ESPN Game Day crew after they demolished a beautiful King Cake on national television.

The crew was in Baton Rouge Thursday night to cover the much-anticipated matchup between the LSU Women's Basketball team and South Carolina.

With the country watching. ESPN thought that it would be a good programming idea to bring a King Cake out on set before the game. While I applaud them for bringing Mardi Gras to the set, it's what the crew did to the King Cake that has some furious on social media.

By now you know that in some King Cakes, there's a plastic baby buried inside and the tradition is, if you find it, you buy the next cake.

Well, the ESPN crew knew that and they went in on this delicious-looking King Cake in hopes of finding the baby.


Some didn't appreciate the crew ruining the cake, while some thought that it was very entertaining leading into the game. In her defense, Holly Rowe, who carried the cake onto the set, sat back and enjoyed the cake.

One announcer who was on the set from LSU did go to social media to announce that they enjoy the cake afterwards. Still, that hasn't stopped some from being very critical of the assault on this gorgeous King Cake.

Here's the moment the ladies went digging for the baby in the cake. Do you think they went too far? You decide.

Check out what the lead announcer on the ESPN said after seeing the feedback from folks down south.

Here are just a few reactions we came across on social media once this video surfaced and aired on ESPN.


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