The Emergency Alert System has been getting quite a workout this morning as strong storms and possible tornadoes have required the frequent operation of that system through the wee small hours of the morning.

I've counted at least five different tornado warnings that have been issued throughout the overnight hours and there is the potential for more severe weather today.

Just to make sure you are up to date on where the worst of the weather is and can be expected. Here are the latest watches and warnings from the National Weather Service Office in Lake Charles. Now, so you can see a visual representation of where that bad weather is located currently.  Here is the latest radar scan from the National Weather Service Office.

The strong storms and flooding rains are part of a combined weather system that has been affecting the area since yesterday. One part of the system is a vigorous upper-level low-pressure system that has pushed out of Texas and into Arkansas. The second part of the system is an abundance of Gulf moisture stirred up by a tropical low-pressure system that moved onshore in northern Mexico yesterday.

The Storm Prediction Center has placed almost all of Louisiana in the marginal risk zone for severe storms today. That same forecast agency has placed much of the state at the same risk for strong storms again tomorrow.

There is still a strong potential for flooding rains across the area as well. We encourage you to remain observant and to not drive through flooded roadways.

We also encourage you to download our station smartphone app so that you can receive the latest warnings and important weather information on your telephone. Once you've installed the app, make sure you select the notifications that you'd like to receive. You'll find that in the settings portion of the app menu.

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