My friend Tye always has huge Christmas parties where folks dress up in everything from ugly sweaters to gowns, have tons of fun and eat. And boy, there's always a lot to eat. That's where I tried Cajun Country Popcorn Rice for the very first time.

I was standing in the kitchen with Tye about to get a big bowl of gumbo. I opened the lid to the rice cooker, and although the rice in the pot looked like regular rice, the smell was of no ordinary rice. This rice smelled delicious. Does your rice smell delicious? Mine certainly had not ever.

I said to Tye, "Okay, what's up with this rice?" He said, "That's the most amazing rice you'll ever eat". And he was right. It's so good, it doesn't need gravy.
loading... describes their Popcorn Rice as "a long grain rice that can be enjoyed with any recipe".

We especially love to accompany it with red

For decades, Cajun Country Rice has been the rice of choice for professional and homegrown chefs alike who want to make a memorable meal. Whether you're cooking Cajun or crafting your own concoction, Cajun Country has the magic ingredient you need-delicious, Louisiana-grown

From the moment you smell the aroma of Cajun Country Popcorn rice, you and your family will be hooked. Once you've had popcorn rice it will be hard for you to enjoy any other rice.

You can find Cajun Country Popcorn Rice in stores all around Acadiana or by clicking here.

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