One of the things we love about living in South Louisiana is the abundance of Cajun food. By "abundance", I mean that you can find a decent bowl of gumbo at many restaurants around Acadiana, and you can find a decent link of boudin at most local grocery stores.

But what is the best Cajun food? Which dish is better than the rest?

Of course, the answer to that question lies within each of us, as we all have different tastes and preferences.

The other issue with listing Cajun foods from worst to best can be presented, again, in the form of a question: what, exactly, makes a dish "Cajun"?

Gumbo is now considered a Cajun dish, though it didn't originate in Louisiana. One can get fried shrimp in many places, but some locals will swear it's a Cajun dish. Jambalaya? Okay, that's pure Cajun. What about rice and gravy? It doesn't sound Cajun, but that dish has its roots in Louisiana.

So find some salt (you'll need a grain or two to make it through this highly-opinionated list) and read on to see where I rate your favorite Cajun dish.

Cajun Foods, Worst to Best

DISHONORABLE MENTION: One of the foods I didn't include (because I couldn't find a photo, probably because it's been outlawed, I hope) but would have made it to second on the list (right after Chaudin) is Debris. Debris is a dish in which you cook most of the "innards": liver, spleen, brain, heart, pancreas, intestines, stomach, kidneys, lungs, etc.. My parents loved the dish (one moment, please, I'll be right back...) Okay, I am back. As I was saying, my folks loved it, but couldn't even stand the (excuse me again...) Okay, back again...  I couldn't even stand the smell of it, much less (hurrrr... HURRRRRCKKKK....  sorry, the thought of the smell has me gagging). Again, I couldn't even stand the smell, much less the taste. (Hurrrckkkk).

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