Acadian Bakery's Cajun Brand Sweet Dough Tarts is an iconic brand in the Acadiana area. Acadian Bakery was opened in 1980 by William "Bill" Anderson and his wife, Margaret. In 2005 the Anderson's grandson Anthony Broussard took it over. Since then, Cajun Brand Sweet Dough Tarts can be found throughout Louisiana and southeastern Texas. But you won't find one with chocolate inside.

These delicious treats come with eight different fillings including Coconut, Pineapple, Apple, Lemon, Blackberry, Sweet Potato, Blueberry and Fig but not chocolate. For years, folks in Acadiana have wondered why not chocolate.

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Hubig's Pies, a staple in New Orleans, like Cajun Brand Sweet Dough Tarts in Lafayette, can be found at local grocery stores, convenience stores and gas stations. Hubig's pies are also fruit-filled but unlike Cajun Brand, have a sugar coating. Another difference is that Hubig's offers a chocolate-filled pie, one of the company's biggest sellers, Cajun Brand does not.

So why are Acadiana's most popular on-the-go pies not available with a chocolate filling?

Owner Anthony Broussard says the company tried chocolate in the past and fans of Cajun Brand Sweet Dough Tarts didn't like it.

We've tried chocolate in the past and it just didn't sell very well. It's hard to find a good chocolate filling. Also, a chocolate filling with the sweet dough is almost too sweet. The tartness of a fruit filling pairs better with the sweetness of the dough making for a better pie. This is an age-old recipe from my great-grandmother. Back then they made pies with whichever fruit was in season at the time. -Anthony Broussard Owner of Acadian Bakery

Cajun Brand Sweet Dough Tarts are perfectly baked to a golden brown with the perfect ratio of dough to filling. Pop 'um the microwave for a few seconds or eat them right out of the package.

The most popular filling is Sweet Potato using yams from Bruce Foods, a Louisiana Company.

All flavors of Cajun Brand Sweet Dough Tarts can be served with a warm custard sauce or ice cream.

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