Acadian Bakery's Cajun Brand Sweet Dough Tarts are back! Were they unavailable for a while? Nope!

Like many in Acadiana, I've enjoyed Cajun Brand Sweet Dough Tarts for years.  However, I'd stopped buying my favorite tart/Cajun pie. In my opinion, they'd become over-cooked, dry, hard and sometimes appeared burnt on the edges. But not anymore!

I don't know if there's someone new in the kitchen, a different eye on quality control or new ovens...but whatever it is, these tarts are the greatness I remember as a teenager.

These delicious treats come with seven different fillings. (Coconut, Pineapple, Apple, Lemon, Blackberry, sweet potato and fig. I think coconut is my favorite but I may change my mind tomorrow when I have the blackberry or sweet potato.

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

These tarts are back to being perfectly baked to a golden brown with the perfect ratio of dough to filling. Pop 'um the microwave for a few seconds or eat them right out of the package. I have to tell you, I've never had one make it home with me, I always finish them in the car. I invite you to try one for yourself.

The Acadian Bakery Cajun Brand Sweet Dough Tarts are available all over the Acadiana area.

Acadian Bakery was established in Lafayette, Louisiana in 1980 and is still family-owned and operated. The Sweet Dough Tarts recipe is over 100 years old and will make you forget your problems for a few minutes as bite after bite takes you back to the days of spending time with your grandparents out in the country.

Welcome back, old friend.-"CJ" Clements

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