"A dog is a man's best friend."

"Money can buy a dog, but only love can wag a tail."

"The love of a dog is the only pure thing."

I don't know who said these things, but in my opinion, they all ring true. And I am certain there are hundreds of other saying about dogs or variations of the above, and that just goes to show how much humans love their dogs.

If you ever ask a true dog lover to name the best dog he or she ever had, and they name just one dog, then that person owned just one dog. Because any real dog owner who has owned multiple dogs would take the time to tell you each and every particular reason why each dog they ever owned was the best they've ever owned.

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

That brings us to my list: reasons we don't deserve dogs.

There's an old joke about how to tell if your wife loves you more than your dog: you can tell through a simple experiment. Lock your wife, and your dog, in a storage closet for an hour. Then, open the door, and then notice which one is happier to see you.


(Seriously, don't try the experiment as it was only a joke.)

Why did I title this article "Reasons We Don't Deserve Dogs"? Because, for the most part, dogs are awesome, and humans are less awesome.

Have you ever neglected your dog, even if it is for a few minutes? Has your dog ever neglected you?

Chris Leipelt via Unsplash.com
Chris Leipelt via Unsplash.com

Have you ever forgotten to pet your dog when you come home at the end of the day? Has your dog ever forgotten to greet you as you came home?

Do you see where I am going with this line of questioning?  WE DON'T DESERVE DOGS!

Guidry Animal Hospital
Guidry Animal Hospital

They are TOO good to us.

Take, for instance, this dog that is out with his family for a day on the boat. No horn? No problem! This dog handles the task quite well (make certain your sound is up):


How about this loving pup: his family set up a camera to see what he does while they are out for the day, and what he does warms my heart!

He gets one of the family member's shoes to snuggle with. Another reason: their mannerisms are sometimes just too much. Check out this dog playing Peep-Eye!  

  And the pure love of this retriever as it nuzzles its head against its family member.  


Did you know that there was a bus that operates in the Austin, Texas area that will take your dogs to doggy day care? How cute is this?


And these three pups, loving up on one another. I love this video!

And it's not just for the "cute" reasons that we don't deserve dogs: this video shows how much help a dog can be out on the ranch. Watch as these two herd a bull back into its pen.

Here's a dog that loves playing with the kids so much that he "walks himself" up the steps to slide down the slide with the children, over and over again.

As a finale, allow me to present what might be the best dog/voice-over video ever made This video is over 10 years old, yet it never fails to bring a smile to my face.


And it is for these reasons, and so many more, that we don't deserve dogs.

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