Anyone who has spent a little bit of time in New Orleans knows that the food, drinks, music, and people are some of the best around.

One little delicacy that has been missing from the city is Hubig’s Pies. These tasty little treats could be found all over the city until a fire took out the whole operation in 2012.

It is coming up on 10 years that the sweet, tasty pies have been gone. Wednesday, July 27 will mark 10 years since the city watched the Hubig’s Pie facility burn down to the ground.


No one has been able to get their hands on these pies since that tragic day however the owners recently reaffirmed their commitment to coming back despite being gone for so long.

Drew Ramsey would not give an exact timetable for when these products would be back however he did reaffirm his commitment to the product.


“There are still some factors beyond my control,” he said, declining to elaborate. “But we’re going produce a product that people recognize and remember and enjoy, and we’re closer to that than we’ve ever been.”

Drew Ramsey and his staff are working around the clock to bring this popular product back to its consumers. Part of the process is to secure a new assembly facility which will now be located just off of Jefferson Highway.

“We haven’t changed a grain of salt or a scoop of sugar in what we do, but we had been off the market long enough that we had to go through the whole approval process again,” Ramsey said.

In 2016, Haydel’s Bakery announced that they would be bringing back their own hand pies and while that brought joy and happiness to some, a lot of residents have been waiting for the day to get their hands on a Hubig’s Pie.

I personally can not wait to get one or maybe a hundred of them. It has been a long 10 years but I am looking forward to the day that I can buy the famous pies agan.


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