Anyone who has spent a little bit of time in New Orleans knows that the food, drinks, music, and people are some of the best around.

One little delicacy that has been missing from the city is Hubig’s Pies. These tasty little treats could be found all over the city until a fire took out the whole operation in 2012.

On Wednesday, July 27 it marked 10 years since the city watched the Hubig’s Pie facility burn down to the ground.

No one has been able to get their hands on these pies since that tragic day until now! Yesterday, owner Andrew Ramsey announced that the beloved pies will be available in limited quantities at stores in New Orleans starting today.

“I am overjoyed to bring Hubig’s pies back to the market,” Ramsey said in a statement. “We are thankful for the patience and loyalty of the people of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. We’ve been on the receiving end of so much good will. We encourage our community to continue to support that which they cherish.”

The company did not release a list of stores that would be selling Hubig's pies but the company did say that the pies would be available on the company's website.


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