Job interviews can be intimidating, and now some younger folks in Louisiana are bringing a shocking "assistant' with them on job interviews.

If you've ever been on a job interview you already know how nerve-wracking it can be. Well, Gen-Zers may have a solution to easing the interview process and it involves bringing someone with them.

According to, some young college graduates are showing up to job interviews with more than just a resume.

One in five employers report that potential employees are bringing a parent with them for the job interview. Yes, some of the younger generation are asking mom or dad to go along with them on the interview process.


Now, I don't know if they are sitting in with them during the interview process or if the parent brought along is just there awaiting while their child goes through the interview.

As uncommon as this may sound, I am not shocked to read this. I have personally seen some of the younger folks bring along parents for meetings and even include parents when it comes to addressing an issue with a business or service.

So, why are some of the younger folks these days including their parents in so many things in their lives after graduation? I think this goes back to a lack of communication skills.

While some Gen-Zers have great communication skills, others are behind and I suspect that their lack of confidence in sitting before someone is a direct result of bringing parents along.

In the report from Intelligent, "53% of employers say that recent college graduates struggle with eye contact during interviews.  Others ask for unreasonable compensation, dress inappropriately, and use inappropriate language."

Remember, the first impression is everything so if you're going into a job interview anytime soon, smile and walk in with confidence. the job you want may be awaiting and it can be yours.


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