Sometimes certain foods just taste better the next day for some reason. Maybe all the ingredients bathed in one container overnight in the fridge make a meal better the next day. But by the same token, there are foods that don't taste better the next day. So we decided to weed those out. We set out to find the foods Acadiana feels are better after a night in the fridge.

Surprisingly pizza did not make the list. Other leftovers cooking gurus say taste worst the next day include vegetables, rice, eggs, chicken, potatoes and mushrooms.

The leftovers that get better with age are meatloaf, lasagna, pulled pork, beef stew, meat sauce, chili, frittatas, quiches, fried chicken and curry at least that is what chefs and food critics around the world claim. But we don't care about that. We wanted to know what people here in Acadiana considered to be the best leftovers.

Here Are the 6 top Foods Acadiana Feels Are Better the Next Day.







Whatever you're making tonight...Bon appetite! And may it taste even better tomorrow.

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