A new app to help people eat better features great restaurants from right here in Lafayette.

The Eat Fit app, recently featured on KATC's "Abby's Apps", lists a variety of restaurants in Lafayette that have dishes to help with your fitness goals.

The app features restaurants from major cities all over Louisiana, and lists the healthiest options at each of those individual restaurants. The goal of the app is to allow you to make the best choices when you are visiting your favorite restaurants.

We all know that people come from all over the world for Louisiana's great food. But, with the richness of our seafood cream sauces and the abundance of dishes that start with "first, you make a roux", sometimes the thought of "healthy" doesn't enter our minds.

Using this app might be the perfect reminder to go for the dish that is a little better for us instead of the one our doctors warn us about.

The Eat Fit app is part of the Ochsner Eat Fit program which encourages local restaurants to offer more options that rate healthier, according to registered dieticians. With access to this app, health-conscious diners have one more tool at their disposal when trying to eat right.

Taco Sisters, Deano's, Tchoup's Midcity Smokehouse, Don's Seafood, Tsunami, Burgersmith, even Shop-Rite and dozens more are all listed on the app. Eat Fit is a free app, available where you normally download your apps.


If you are like me, it is going to be tough to pass up a bowl of gumbo for a plate of grilled salmon and vegetables, but tough decisions are all part of being a responsible adult, am I right?

Watch the above video from Abby Breidenbach, it will explain much more about the app.

Now, pass me the potato salad.

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