Nashville is winding down after six seasons on television, and series star Charles Esten is really pleased with how the final scene plays out.

Esten plays singer-songwriter Deacon Claybourne on the popular show, and fans have seen the character struggle with anger issues and alcoholism that are rooted in his childhood over the years. The actor says his character will finally get the chance to confront his deepest issues as the show comes to an end.

"I really love the way, knowing that it was the last season, the writers got to bring it to a close especially for me, my character gets to deal with one more thing. And it’s not just one more tangential sort of frivolous thing, it’s the deepest thing," Esten told reporters at the 2018 CMA Music Festival in Nashville (quote via Sounds Like Nashville). "It’s his relationship with his father, which like all of us, that earliest relationship sort of shapes who we are. It shaped for Deacon the demons he would fight later, sort of the characteristics, the doubts he had about himself."

Esten is grateful that CMT picked up Nashville after ABC canceled the show following its fourth season. He says that allowed his character to grow and wrap his storyline in the right way.

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“If we had left this show two seasons ago without Deacon ever getting to deal with this thing, it wouldn’t have been right. He deals with it all the way … Not only to the final episode, I’m telling you it’s the final scene, it’s the final line," he shares. "So, there’s a sense of completion that I’m very grateful for. And I think all the different characters have that. The very ending, it is special and you’re crossing your fingers because this thing is so delicate and special to us. You just want it to end well and I hope everybody agrees with me that it ended like it began, which was with magic."

Esten called his work on Nashville the "role of a lifetime" in an interview with USA Today in January, and he admitted that the notion of the show coming to an end hadn't quite sunk in for the cast at that point.

"At some point it'll be the last song Deacon sings on the show," he said. "But the way I like to think about it is this isn't the end of that world. This is the end of us watching it."

The series finale of Nashville is slated to air on July 26 on CMT.

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