Anyone who has ever been to downtown Nashville knows how popular is with bachelorette parties. So popular, in fact, that it is now being called the "Bachelorette Capital of the World". Crazy, right? But two sisters recently had a dream come true when they were able to celebrate their birthdays in the country music capital of America. Oh, and did we mention that they are turning 90 and 94 respectively?

Sisters Chesterine and Edna headed to Nashville for their big celebration, which they dubbed "The Road to 90 and 94.” They think that "age is just a number", and they proved that to everyone who got to enjoy their company on their big trip. Margaret Steele, Edna’s daughter, planned the whole event and told  “We wanted to bring them to Nashville because my mom used to live here years ago and aunt Ches used to visit here years ago and we want them to see … the new Nashville."

The party included a trip to the world-famous lower Broadway area of town, that features some of the most famous bars in country music, a couple of tours, and massages for the birthday girls. Chesterine told  “Life is about enjoying — you enjoy it while you can and as you grow older you tend to understand that more I think." You can see a video of the siblings celebrating in Music City USA below, and we wish both of these nonagenarian cuties a very happy birthday!


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