Big thanks to the youth group at Pharr Chapel United Methodist Church of Morgan City: Kade, Shilee, Gary, Lilly, and youth Pastor Angie Champine, Cashway Pharmacy in Franklin, and the folks at Joe's Boots. They are responsible for thirty Shoeboxes for Seniors! This project started when Julana Senette reached out to some friends challenging them to do something charitable for others for her birthday. When Pastor Angie heard about it, she jumped on-board. The group had just received a donation from someone they had helped during the August floods and decided to pay it forward by making Shoeboxes for Seniors at their next get-together. Julana said the kids sang Christmas carols while they wrapped their hearts out. Isn't it great to hear about young people who have such empathy and compassion? Merci beaucoup, Julana and friends!  

If you'd like to help make Christmas a little brighter for the needy senior citizens in our community, click here for more info about Shoeboxes for Seniors.

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