Here's a wonderful idea for the children to work on while you're cooking or after everyone eats! Put together a box for KTDY's Shoeboxes for Seniors! Each filled box cost only around $10 with items found at a discount store. You can use an actual box your shoes came in, or pick up a plastic one. Huge thanks to The Blake Assisted Living and Memory Care Community for partnering with us, and for being a drop-off location!

I put my one dollar plastic shoe-boxes in the bottom of my shopping cart and filled them up as I walked through the aisles. The items I chose were: flushable wipes, lotion, soap, shower cap, tissues, pens, puzzle book, and socks with grippers. Please remember not to wrap your boxes, and if you make one specifically for a man or a woman, just indicate that on the outside of the box. Drop off your shoe-boxes today through December 19, 2018 at The Blake, 400 Polly Lane, off Kaliste Saloom, and at KTDY, 1749 Bertrand Dr.  THANK YOU for sharing some of your Christmas spirit with a senior citizen who may not have any visitors or presents this Christmas.

Recommended items:


fragrant lotions and soaps

puzzle books

coloring books with colors

socks with grippers


Deck of cards

Games like UNO

"Activity things"

Please do NOT include the following:

Aerosol cans

Glass items

Razors, Blades

Plastic trash cans or hampers

Scissors, knives

Egg crate mattresses

Plant food

Cleaning supplies

Excess papers


Electrical appliances

Hot water bottles

Ice packs

Extension cords, multiple plugs

Room deodorizers

Smoking materials

Due to many dietary restrictions and medical permissions, food is not recommended

Basic hygiene items are already provided for residents.

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