I'm sure I'm not the only one that was told, "God's gonna punish you for that", growing up.  Let's talk about this for a second.


When my Mom or any adult would say that to me, I would say, "Not my God.  My God is all good".  So where does evil come from?

Last night while ending my Thanksgiving with friends, I sat next to an extraordinary lady whom I'd spoken with before, but only small talk.  Last night I got to know her on a much deeper level.

She, who will remain nameless, is always just delightful.  Friendly, always helping others, and never without a smile.  Which is probably why I'm drawn to her.

We started talking about Thanksgiving and family and ultimately about her health.  She had battled cancer, double mastectomy, and the battle was still ongoing.  She commented about how incredible her husband had been, as a matter of fact, last night was their 43rd anniversary.  She didn't blame God, she credited God for helping her through it.

Which made me think about God (or whatever higher power fulfills you spiritually) and how some people say, "How could God let this happen".  Earlier in the day I was visiting my Dad and he told me that a man he knew had lost a son.  The man said to my Dad, "How could God let my son die and let some of these no good people roam the Earth.  He should have taken somebody's 'good for nothing son' not mine".  My Dad was appalled.  So was I when I heard it.  But the man was probably in so much pain,  I'm sure he didn't mean to sound like he was 'better' than others, he was speaking from a really hurtful place.

So is it God that hurts us?  Does God take our loved ones from us?  Does he give us pain to show us a lesson?  Or is it the Devil?  Or, is it simply bad luck?   Or, is it just life?

I believe the universe has a pulse.  I believe what you put out comes back.  That's not to say if you always put out happy thoughts, your life will always be peachy.  There is this thing called karma that I 100% believe in.  I also believe in mind over matter.  Give you an example, the other day I was thinking how I had not heard from a few people who mean a lot to me.  Not family, just people that I had deep relationships with.  I  had at least 5 cross my mind.  And I started to think these very important people in my past, were starting to forget about me.  Now that was like Monday of this week.  Went to bed that night and didn't think about it again.  The next day, I heard from 4 of the five people I had thought about.  Amazing, right?  Wait it gets better, the 5th person who had crossed my mind the day before, who lives far from here, sends me a text.  The text read, "What you doing".  I said I was doing some computer work and that it was so cold.  He replied, "I know".  He lives in a very warm climate.  And before I could ask how he knew, he said, "Are you up for some company".  Now keep in mind, I'm thinking this, one of the most special friends in my life, is half way across the country.  I said that I was really tired and about to go to bed.  He says, "OK, it's my birthday and I'm in town and wanted to see you".  Well of course I told him to come over I'd love to see him.  All five people contacted me and the one that was farthest from me, was actually in town!  The odds of all that happening the way it did, is simply insane.  I should have bought a Lottery ticket this week.

There is a movie, "What The Bleep Do We Know", that I suggest everyone see.  It will either change your life or you will be bored stiff.  There is no in-between.  The movie will help you to better understand the universe, how it works and how you can use it to your advantage.

We are all connected in some way.  We all have the same organs.  A heart, mind and soul.  The difference is how we use them.  Some people are evil, some people are good, and some of us are right in the middle. And everyday is a miracle.  Let me leave you with this thought.  Think of all the events that had to take place for you to be on this Earth.  Your parents had to be in the right place at the right time to meet each other, they had to fall in love and they had you.  Your parents were made by four other people.  Took four different people to make your two parents.  And they all had to be in the right places at the right times  Then of the thousands of sperm that could have fertilized your Mother's egg, only one made it...and that's you!  That is the very moment you became a winner.  Everyday when you open your eyes and you can see, the things that had to take place for you to have eyesight is a miracle.  When you can hear sounds, think about all the things that had to come together so that you can hear.  When you communicate, think of the millions of years it took for humans to get where we are today.  That DNA is in you and is the very reason you can speak and communicate the was you do.  Touch, feelings, pleasure, all miracles.

Life is not without peaks and valleys.  Is it God that causes both the peaks and valleys?  Or does the Devil control the valleys?  Or do you yourself control both?

You are life, enjoy the miracle.

A Box At The Entrance To My Home That Contains Spiritual Literature, Even Holy Water.  Most People Walk By And Never Know What It Is.

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