A group of men carrying flags and a large crucifix recently caught the attention of many in the Lafayette area.

So many people in Lafayette posted photos of these men on social media, and some asked, 'What is going on in Lafayette?"

Well, as it turns out, these men were on a mission and their mission was to support other men taking part in a retreat.

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What you see here is a group of men on a pilgrimage from the Lafayette area to Prairie Ronde in St. Landry Parish.

According to a social media post by the Lafayette Diocese, "Pentecost Walkers from various parts of the diocese began their journey to Prairie Ronde. Every year, groups from across the Diocese of Lafayette start their pilgrimage on the Friday before Pentecost, carrying the Crucifix, to pray for men on retreat."

The walk from Lafayette to Prairie Ronde in St. Landry Parish is approximately 38 miles.


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