Cleo is a four-year-old Labrador that went missing earlier this month. Cleo disappeared from Olathe, Kansas on July 12. According to KMBC, several days after Cleo went missing, she showed up more than 50 miles away on the porch of her old home in Lawson, Missouri. She made her way to her owner’s previous home.  The new homeowner, Colton Michael, said that he and his wife moved there almost two years ago.

Imagine sweet Cleo’s surprise when she finally makes her way home and there are strangers there. Michael said at first, Cleo was scared when anyone would go near her. After earning Cleo’s trust, Michael said he had her scanned for a microchip, hoping to find Cleo’s owner. Thankfully, that worked.

Drew Feeback‎ Facebook
Drew Feeback‎ Facebook

When Michael received the name of Cleo’s owner, he said his wife recognized the name as the former owner of their home. That’s when Michael and his wife found the Facebook post for the missing dog.

Michael told CNN that Cleo’s owner, Drew, was “kind of speechless” when he was told she had been found. Michael also said if she shows up again, they’ll know who to call.

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