Imagine not hearing from your loved one for two years and not knowing all the details of her disappearance.

It would tear you apart and that is the stark reality for the family of Ella Goodie, a Scott woman, who has been missing for two years according to KPLC.

The last time anyone saw Goodie was March 9, 2022.

Her case is being investigated as a homicide. We reported in 2022 details about the case. Goodie, a ride-share driver, gave a man a ride from Louisiana to Texas and has not been heard from since that time. She had reportedly taken Brandon Jermaine Francisco to Texas.

KLFY reports that Louisiana State Police officials say the woman's case is being investigated as a homicide.

Ella Goodie
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The last time there was a ping on her cellphone was in Iowa, Louisiana. Scott Police Chief Chad Leger told KPLC at the time that her car was seen on March 9 coming back into Louisiana. Then, her car was last spotted on March 10, 2022 north of the Dallas area.

Goodie went missing on March 9, 2022. It was on April 1, 2022, when officials found her car. Louisiana State Police said they found Goodie's missing 2012 Black Audio Q5 in St. Joseph, Missouri.

Law enforcement officials had arrested Francisco in Missouri on unrelated charges out of Rapides Parish, and the man is currently serving a 30-year prison sentence at Dixon Correctional Center. The man pled guilty to attempted second-degree murder in an unrelated case.

He was named a person of interest in the case as police believe he was the last person to see Goodie.

Goodie's cousin, Jessica Goodie, told KLFY,

We're angry because he was the last person seen with her. I mean, yes, he was charged for something else. He wasn't charged for Ella. We don't have the answers that we need from him and we're just we're praying the D.A. in Calcasieu Parish continues to do or is building a case and doing what she needs to do and I'm hoping that doing this [interview], someone might reach out to the D.A. in Calcasieu Parish to give some type of information that will lead us to getting those answers that we need.


Ella Goodie
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Where is the 32-year-old mother of two? Her family is in anguish and they just want answers. They worry the homicide investigation will become a cold case.

Goodie's mother says she is hoping that someone will let their heart soften enough to give information about the case. She is also hoping to keep the case alive by having everyone share any information from social media they may come across. She told KPLC,

I don't care what post you see, keep sharing. I don't care what state you're in because a lot of people don't know about the case. A lot of people don't know who's Ella. But if you see it, please keep sharing. Ella Goodie, we love you and we miss you so much.

She adds that there is no moving forward without knowing what happened to her daughter.

Ella Goodie 2
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If you know anything, even the smallest piece of information, even if you think it's not connected, call the Scott Police Department at 337-233-3715 or Louisiana State Police at 337-262-5880 if you have information about the case.

The Investigation Discovery Channel featured her case in 2023:

And this year's coverage from

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