You have to buy a ticket to play the Powerball game. Each Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday night ticket holders in 45 states along with the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Washington D.C, are checking their numbers to see if they are walking away with a prize.

It's $2 for a Powerball ticket and if you pick the correct Powerball number for the drawing then you get your money back. If you pick the correct Powerball and all five correct numbers for the rest of the ticket then you win the jackpot.

For tonight's drawing the jackpot is estimated to be at $800 million. That's plenty of money for you and your family for a lifetime. If you accept the annuity, you get the full amount of the money, but you can also choose a cash option which ends up being about half of the jack prize amount.

One of the big pieces of advice from officials from Powerball has for each player is the minute you get your ticket in your hand turn it over and sign your name to it. That way even if you lose your tickets someone can't claim your prize. So, who has the most wins?

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#10 New Jersey and New Hampshire Have Each Had 11 Powerball Jackpot Wins

The states of New Jersey and New Hampshire have each had 11 Powerball jackpot winners. One study suggests, obviously, that the bigger your state's population, the more winners you will have. Also, those states in the game longer will have more winners.

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#9 New York Has 12 Powerball Jackpot Winners

Twelve different times someone in the state of New York has won a Powerball Jackpot. Whether it's a small $60 million prize or something outrageous like the $800 million that is up for grabs tonight, winning changes people's lives.

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#8 Arizona and California Have Each Had 14 Powerball Jackpot Wins

Imagine you are sitting in your recliner at home, and you realize you have all the numbers and the Powerball. That joy has happened 14 times in both Arizona and California. Nothing personal to those two states, but I hope it's someone in Louisiana!

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#7 Florida Has 16 Powerball Jackpot Winners

The state of Florida has had 16 jackpot winners since the state decided to join the Powerball game. The last time someone won the jackpot was in 2021. If you happen to be in Florida reading this, buy a ticket before you come home to Louisiana.

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#6 Louisiana Has 17 Jackpot Winners

While it seems like we haven't had one in quite a long time, our state has had 17 Powerball Jackpot Winners. It would be nice if tonight was the night for someone in our state to win big!

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#5 Kentucky Has 18 Powerball Jackpot Winners

Kentucky isn't just for delicious adult beverages and thoroughbred racing. The state of Kentucky has had 19 lucky Powerball Jackpot winners! Because we have so many winners from other states, you should snap up a ticket when you're visiting.

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#4  Wisconsin and Pennsylvania Have 19 Powerball Jackpot Winners

While their last jackpot win came in 2022, the state of Wisconsin has had 19 Powerball jackpot wins over the course of the time they have been involved in the Powerball game. Pennsylvania has had the same number of wins.

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#3 Minnesota Has 22 Powerball Jackpot Winners

Kudos go out to the state of Minnesota as they have had twenty-two Powerball jackpots won in their state. I wonder what their secret is? Whatever that secret might be, they haven't had a winning jackpot ticket in ten years with the last win coming in 2013.

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#2 Missouri Has 31 Powerball Jackpot Winners

It seems as if we might consider visiting Missouri to buy a Powerball ticket. You can buy tickets for games in the future as well so if you are traveling to Missouri be sure to get yourself some Powerball tickets! Their last Powerball jackpot win happened in 2015.

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#1 Indiana Has 39 Powerball Jackpot Winners

What is in the water in Indiana? It does make you wonder! There have been 39 Powerball jackpot winners in this state. It would be interesting to find out from scientists why one state has so many winners over the other places.

No matter what, we wish you luck if you play the Powerball, and if you win a jackpot please be sure to let us know!

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