A grocery delivery person is recovering after a vicious dog attack.

The attack was caught on the dash cam of the woman delivering groceries to the residence and now she says that she is lucky to be alive.

As reported on by Fox10 TV, the woman walked up to the door to deliver the groceries and that is when this huge dog got past its owner, and attacked the woman at the door.

She was knocked down as the dog bit into her, and the delivery person said that is when she looked up to the sky and began to pray.


The dog stopped biting her long enough so that she could get up and get back into her car, and that is when she noticed the severity of the attack.

In all, it took 30 stitches to close her wounds and now this woman says she is physically and emotionally scared. She reportedly continues to ask what she may have done wrong while on the delivery, and she says the attack has kept her up late at night.

We will warn you, that what you will see in this video, from Cooper City, Florida, is graphic and may be disturbing to some.

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