I hate the fact that we have to share posts like this one, but it's a reality - shelters can't keep dogs forever.

They need you. They need a loving family. They need a warm, safe, loving home. They need kids to play with, belly rubs, and treats for being a "good boy".

But they don't have that. What they have is a shred of hope that you will see the desperation in their eyes. That, and two days.

On Friday afternoon, these animals will no longer be available for fostering or adoption.

Animal Aid for Vermilion Area via Facebook
Animal Aid for Vermilion Area via Facebook

Scrappy, Big Boy, Davie, Chuck, Princess, Luna - they all deserve a better home than what they had and what they are experiencing right now.

Though the Vermilion Parish shelter is run well and these dogs are being cared for by volunteers from Animal Aid for Vermilion, a permanent home - their own territory - is what each of these dogs needs.

Please take a moment to look through these photos and videos and consider contacting Animal Aid for Vermilion Area to offer a good home for these goodest of boys.







These are just a few of the animals (that  Animal Aid for Vermilion Area volunteers are caring for) that are available for adoption or foster currently in the Vermilion Parish Animal Control Center. They aren't just available - they are in desperate need, as Friday is their final chance at a loving home.

For more information, reach out to Animal Aid for Vermilion Area on Facebook or call them at 337-366-0212

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