This is an all time level of trolling by a Saints fan on Twitter to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan base. Set to the tune of "Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time", a montage of Twitter posts show just how wrong people were about the team from Tampa this year.

Check out this montage of Twitter posts from, I'm going to call them 'Bucs Believers', put together by @rp_21_ below

This is why Twitter is a special place. Football fandom comes to a head on Twitter and no shot is spared. Don't forget about all of those pre-season posts so fast...

As a Saints fan, I am ALL here for it. While I did think the Buccaneers had the best chance to rival New Orleans in the NFC-South this season, our boys proved that experience matters way more than any Super Bowl caliber quarterback or free agent that Tampa Bay could've ever brought in.

Another year for the Bucs to play the angry little brother that says, "next year, when I am a year older, I am gonna beat the crap out of you".

Oh yes, Tampa Bay, there is always next year...


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