Artist Steven Novak loves Halloween. He says it's the perfect time to put on a spectacle that really gets people talking. Well Mr. Novak, mission accomplished.

Dallas artist Steven Novak tells that about six years ago, his neighbors started encouraging him to decorate the outside of his house for Halloween.

At first he started with the typical skeletons and fog machines, but being the talented artist he is, Novak kicked it up a few notches year after year.

And that brings us to this year.

"Realistic dummies covered in blood are scattered across the front of Novak's home, each one made to look like they suffered a gruesome death. An apparent body bag is discarded in the front yard next to a wheelbarrow of severed limbs."

If the movie "Home Alone" was Horror Movie, it might look something like Novak's Halloween decorations.

The scenes of violence, blood and gore are so shocking, the local police dept. recently stopped by to have a chat.

You see, people have been calling 911 thinking it's real.

Our hats are off to you Mr. Novak, and Happy Halloween!

How to Summon the Police:

Posted by Steven Novak on Tuesday, October 27, 2020

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