Football season is here and a lot of fans will be pausing tasks to enjoy the games.

With college football underway and the NFL about to its season, a lot of fans are planning ahead and one guy has put his wife on notice.

Watch as a young lady reads the "notice" that her husband gives her in anticipation of the 2023-24 football season.

The woman's husband outlines dates and times when he will be unavailable, because he'll be invested in games, and her reaction is priceless.


Sadly, if things around your house haven't been addressed prior to the start of football season, they more than likely won't get done until 2024.

So while you may not have received a "notice" like the woman in the video below, I am here to tell you that if your partner loves football, nothing is getting done in the near future.

For we football enthusiasts this is our favorite time of the year, and there is NOTHING that will interfere with our game day experience.

Watch this video here and see if you can relate to the message here and to this woman's reactions while reading the letter handed to her by her husband.

By the way, I love the ending of this video, she tells her husband that he "can't quit" because they're short-staffed.

What a great sport she is.


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