The "New Iberia Haircut" was possibly the first local viral video, but let us not forget about the KATC live shot affectionately titled "Stop That Em-Effa".

stop that em effa
YouTube Nick Domingue

KATC TV 3 Viral Video

In September of 2008, KATC's Louis David went live from the Walmart on Ambassador Caffery in Lafayette where a man was hit by a car in the parking lot chasing a purse thief who had stolen Adams' sister's purse.

As David went live on KATC reporting from the scene, he interviewed eye-witness, Christie Adams.

Adams' sister was actually the victim of the purse snatching.

What happened next was the dreams viral videos are made of.

Adams describes the events that transpired to Louis David live on TV in the most fantastic, most perfect Acadiana thing ever.

YouTube Nick Domingue
YouTube Nick Domingue

Although it happened almost 14 years ago, this video is quoted daily in some way shape or form here at 1749 Bertrand Drive.

From "I felt something wasn't right from jump", to "lady I ain't got no time", to "general merchandise", this is probably the most quotable local viral video of all time.

It rarely gets better than this folks, and I mean this in the most endearing way possible.


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