The iconic battleship in Baton Rouge, Louisiana is on the move.

KATC TV-3 reports that the USS Kidd in downtown Baton Rouge is headed down the Mississippi River for repairs.

The  U.S. destroyer which was used in World War II, is headed to Houma, Louisiana for repairs and it will be away from Baton Rouge for up to a year.

The ship, which many have toured through the years in Baton Rouge, has been docked in the capital city for 40 years.

It is reported that the iconic ship will undergo $3.6 Million in repairs, which was state-funded. According to KATC's report, the ship will head south along the Mississippi in the Spring of 2024.

We can't to see the repairs made and we look forward to the day that the ship that so many. of us toured as kids returns to its "home" in Baton Rouge.

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For a quick history lesson on the USS Kidd, check out this video and see all that the ship went through while in service.


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