Since the shooting in Uvalde took place this past May a lot of parents have been worried about sending their children to school in the Fall.

Personally, I know a lot of parents who took the time over the summer to talk to their children about what to do in the event that something like this would happen here in town.

One mom is getting a lot of attention right now for the video she posted to TikTok. The video shows her training her son on what to do in an active shooter situation.

The video was posted by Cassie Walton on TikTok and has over one million likes on it. In the video, you can hear the mother walking her son through what to do and what to say if a shooter is in the building of his school. You can also hear her say that his backpack is bulletproof. If you continue to watch on Cassie’s TikTok page you will hear her talk about how she made this Spiderman backpack bulletproof and even goes into detail about why she purchased the option she did.

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"In the back of your mind, you just are always worried about it. And it's never off the table," Walton told ABC News. "It's always possible no matter where you live, or what kind of school you go to, you just really never know."

The first time I saw this video I really didn’t want to watch it and kept scrolling, I was initially mad that this mom was having to teach her child this. However, as the day went on I kept thinking about this video and it was making me nauseous to think about. I finally realized that I didn’t want to have this conversation with my four-year-old. I want my child to feel safe all the time and in the current world we live in there is a good chance that they won’t be 100% safe while at school, and that breaks my heart. I just hope that this child or any child for that matter doesn't have to use these techniques to stay alive.

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