Flying brings a lot of people anxiety. For most of us, the more anxious moments don't happen in the air, they happen on the ground as we are preparing to board the aircraft. I know in my case, there is always a battle for space in the overhead compartments to place my carry-on bag. But for others, the bigger elephant on the plane is "who is going to sit next to me".

JC Gellidon via
JC Gellidon via

I am a gentleman with a portly build, yeah, I am fat. But not so fat I need a seatbelt extender. Still, it would not be a comfortable ride for me if another gentleman or lady of my size was to take the seat next to me. So, what can I, or you for that matter do to make the seat next to you look like it would not be "a good choice" for another passenger?

If you fly Southwest Airlines you know their seating policy is to allow you to choose your own seat. Many budget air carriers also do that. They save on boarding passes and the confusion over whose seat is actually where. Aisle seats and window seats toward the front of the plane are the first seats to be chosen.


When those get full the stragglers are left with choosing a "middle seat". The purgatory of air travel if you ask me. So, what could be done that might make an arriving passenger want to sit somewhere other than next to me? Watch this short little video and I think you'll see the answer revealed.

That's Tik Tok influencer @nicofshodoe. He has developed a wonderful strategy that allows people to choose for themselves not to sit next to him. What does he do? He holds the airline air sickness bag in the ready position and pretends as if he might need to use it.

Airline fight
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Now if you're just getting on the aircraft choosing a seat next to Mr. Puke Bag is not going to be high on your "best seats available". And in the case of @nicofshodoe the plan works to perfection.

Personally, I find the potential of a puking passenger next to me to be a bigger deterrent than someone who has a hat on that says "Ask Me About my Grandkids". Both are awful situations to be flying and I hope you never have to take a long trip with those kinds of people.

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