A time traveler reported to be from the year 2036 has dropped some new videos and insights into what we, the people who live in the present, will have to put with in the future. Some of the predictions do seem plausible but as you might imagine the Internet is taking the preview of history with a grain of salt. Or maybe it should be a big sack of this.

Sow & Grow Seeds of YAH via YouTube
Sow & Grow Seeds of YAH via YouTube

@realtiktoktimetraveler has posted prediction videos before. Some of the events the social media creator described are alleged to have already happened but you'll notice there aren't a lot of people giving the channel a lot of props for getting it right.

Those of us of a certain age will remember Miss Cleo and her predictions. She always spoke in generalities because she was a farce. Just like most of the "so-called" psychics you see on TV and online. Let's face it, anyone with enough general information can make a prediction that seems true and legit but it lacks the details.

Since October 21st of 2022 has come and gone, we're guessing the abnormal creature that was supposed to be spotted in eastern North America wasn't. Maybe it was and we're just so jaded and hung up on politics and Powerball that we didn't notice.

In this Tik Tok video, the "time traveler" predicted a lot of things that should have already happened this year. They suggested in their video that we'd be visited by aliens who stopped in to check out Alaska, there would be a huge purge of Tik Tok accounts at the hands of a hacker, and last month there was supposed to be a meteor shower in Europe that caused massive casualties.

Well darn, none of that happened, or if it did it wasn't a big enough deal to be covered by the mainstream media. I'm beginning to think maybe this "time traveler" isn't so good at remembering facts or maybe they too, like the NFL, are a farce. But then again, I too am a time traveler. Just this past weekend I went back in time one hour to reset the clock on my microwave.

Here's a prediction for 12/05/22, that's in a couple of weeks, so we all have time to be prepared.

Hmm, that video was like a political speech, much ado about absolutely nothing. I am going to mark the day on my calendar and we'll examine the headlines if we still inhabit this Earth, on 12/6 and I will let you know that nothing happened. I am assuming if something does happen on 12/05/22 many of us won't be around to care.

In the meantime, keep playing Powerball and keep going to work, despite all the warnings, we will apparently be just fine. At least we can depend on history.

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