Traffic was backed up Thursday morning on the exit ramp in Duson after a truck carrying wood flipped over.

We received many calls from listeners to report this accident, and our media partners at KATC TV-3 posted the following photos from the scene.

As you can see below, the tractor trailer carrying the wood was completely flipped over and wood was scattered everywhere along the exit ramp.


KATC reports that there were no injuries in this accident, and at the time, we do not know what may have caused the driver of the truck to wreck near the interstate.

The exit ramp was closed for hours as crews were on sight to clean up the wood and remove the truck.

So, if you were moving slowly along I-10 on Thursday morning as you approached Duson, this was likely the reason as many in traffic were "rubber necking' as they approached this scene.


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Gallery Credit: Sarah Jones

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