Seventy-eight-year-old Senator Pat Roberts may be the one remaining member of the human race not yet sick of "Let It Go" from Frozen, because he made it his ringtone. His phone went off during a senate hearing earlier today (April 16), proving that even Senators forget to put their phones on silent sometimes.

The disruption took place during a Senate Finance Committee aka Snooze Central. Tom Vilsack was saying something about agriculture -- in case you were wondering, the specific line that is interrupted is, "We're gonna be very aggressive on that issue as well as on the geographic preference issue" -- when suddenly Idina Menzel's voice cuts through the drudgery. Roberts pokes fun at himself, referencing the song directly when he tells Vilsack and the others who are laughing at him to "just let it go." This is exactly what we would have done were we faced with the same burning embarrassment.

According to TMZ, who called Roberts' office for a quote, the Kansas Senator's communications director explained that he uses the ringtone for his grandchildren. Roberts apparently has five of them, so we guess one was calling during the hearing. The communications director went on to assure the news outlet that Roberts also uses Johnny Cash's "I Walk the Line" as a ringtone.

You can check out video of the hilarious interruption above.

In other Frozen-related news, an author is reportedly suing the Walt Disney Co., saying that they jacked her idea for the super popular 2013 film. Muneefa Abdullah claims that characters and plot points from the movie bear a striking resemblance to the ones in her book, "The Snow Princess." Disney, however, maintains that the idea for Frozen was based on the Hans Christen Anderson story, "The Snow Queen," and that no plagiarism took place.

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