John Mellencamp just reminded you and me that our childhood years weren't so bad after all.

The legendary singer sat down with the magazine Esquire and he highlighted a part of his childhood that has many scratching their head.

Mellencamp informed the magazine that he was born with spina bifida. Well, that's not the part of the story that left many scratching their head.

The singer would go on to say that at six weeks old he underwent a major surgery to address his condition and that doctors had to cut his head off.

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He would continue by saying, "There were three other kids who had that same operation that day.  The other kids died, and I lived."

Mellencamp said in the interview that he got to know of of the other patients, who was paralyzed after her surgery, but she would later pass away as a result of her condition.

This is a very bizarre story and to read more about this strange interview, you can click HERE. It's also very interesting to read about him in street fights, he apparently liked to fight in his younger days.

You can also read about what the singer had to say about his relationship with Meg Ryan. I'll warn you, some may find Mellencamp's language to be offensive.


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