Weddings in South Louisiana are a bit different than wedding receptions in other parts of the state or country.

If you've ever been to a South Louisiana wedding reception, you know things can get a bit wild. Just recently I was the DJ for a wedding reception and when the lights came on to end the party, the floor at the venue resembled what you may see at 2 am in a nightclub.

People in South Louisiana love to party and they love to have a good time. Saying that, guests at weddings may have noticed a drastic change in the type of music played at wedding receptions in recent years.

The days of older music are gone, the brides don't want it and often the parents of the bride and groom don't want it either.


Sure, you still play some traditional line dances throughout the evening, but the days of playing Kool & The Gang, KC & The Sunshine Band, and other funk or 70s-style music are over.

I recently gave it a try and I watch the crowd on my dance floor part like the Red Sea, Other DJs have told me that their crowds just want to have fun and they want the party to start as quickly as possible.

So, what are the most popular songs at wedding receptions today? Let's highlight the Top-5 that I have seen in recent years.

The HOTTEST song right now may be "Flex" by Cupid. Yes, the artist that gave you the "Cupid Shuffle" has a massive hit here and it is on everyone's "Must Play" list.

Another song most brides tell me that I must play for them on their big night is Low by Flo Rida (Or as Granny often refers to it, "Boots With Fur")

Next on most bride's lists is still the popular line dance, "Haterz." Here's where it gets tricky, they often want the version with Boosie, not just Keith Frank. Anytime a DJ needs guests back on the floor, this is the go-to in South Louisiana.

Slow songs are still played at wedding receptions, but not as much as they were 15-20 years ago. Brides often request that no slow songs be played once the party gets started. Still, you cannot go wrong with this song.

Now, once the party has started, this song is still one of the most played at any wedding reception in Louisiana. If played at the right time during the evening, you will see a side of some that you did not know existed.

Lastly, in recent years this one song has caught some at wedding receptions by surprise, as more and more brides, and their families, want to dance to this hit song, "Wipe Me Down." This is usually played towards the end of most receptions, but every DJ I know is playing it and no one is complaining.

So, if you are at a wedding reception in the near future and you hear all of these songs, know that the DJ is doing the right thing and chances are all of these songs were requested by the bride or groom.

Wedding receptions have evolved and they are very fun again!!


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