Magnalite pots are an institution in Acadiana. There's no other go-to cookware for Cajuns than our Magnalite stock pots, sauce pans, dutch ovens, and roasters.

One of the main reasons why Magnalite pots are so coveted they've become family heirlooms is, original WagnerWare Magnalite cookware is no longer produced in the U.S.

Unless you're lucky enough to have some Magnalite cookware passed down to you by a relative or happen upon some at a garage sale, estate sale, or find them on-line, you're simply never going to get your hands on any.

However, is there anything out there that can be considered "The Next Best Thing"?

Turns out there is, and we'll tell you where to find them.

The History Of Magnalite Pots

Started in 1881, The Wagner Mfg. Co is America’s first and oldest premium cookware manufacturer.

The Wagner Manufacturing Company in Sidney, Ohio, poured the very first cast for WagnerWare Magnalite in 1934.

Acadiana's love affair the original Magnalite cookware is something the company is proud to claim.

The first thing you see when you logon to is "The Official Cookware of Cajun Country".

The Official Cookware of Cajun Country

From -

"Wagner was active between 1891 and 1952, and at one time dominated the cookware market, selling in Europe and the US. The purchasers of the company in 1952 continued the brand, and Wagner products were rarely manufactured after 1998.

The brand's trademarks were sold, and the purchasing company closed in 2008.

The original items are prized by collectors."

Are there any good alternatives to Magnalite cookware?

Turns out, there certainly are...

What Cookware Is As Good As Magnalite?

One growing favorite in Acadiana as an alternative to Magnalite cookery is McWare.

McWare is a local, Louisiana company based in Mamou, Louisiana.

From -

"McWare and Cajun Classic Cast Iron Cookware products were created because my father knew he could have something made of similar quality, standards, and cooking performance that would be much more affordable to our population.

He coined the term McWare by combining his last name McGee 'MC' with the 'Ware' in cookware and created the McWare brand. McWare pots have been purchased, used and loved in kitchens all across Louisiana since 1999."

As the company says on their website, you won't find McWare's products in big-box stores.

That's not because McWare can't get there, but it's because their "focus and support are for the Mom and Pop stores struggling to compete with the influx of big box stores."

heberts boudin mcware cookery

If you haven't already started to stock your kitchen with McWare cookery, there are a few places around Acadiana where you'll find them.

Hebert's Boudin and Cracklin in Breaux Bridge

Jet Express in Mamou

Charlie's Meat Market in Mamou

Guidry Hardware in Lafayette

Kirk's You-Need A Butcher in Lafayette

The Kitchenary in Lafayette

Doyce Lagneaux's in Duson

Mire's Grocery in Carencro

Bobalous in Duson

The Best Stop in Breaux Bridge

Le Marche, LLC in Maurice

The Corner Grocery in Loreauville

There are actually quite a few local Acadiana businesses selling the McWare line of cookery, and find all of them using the company's Store Finder HERE.

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