LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL News) - It is now Halloween Day in Louisiana! All month long we have seen the decorations, the commercials, and many of our favorite television shows feature the spookiness that comes with the holiday.

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Sure, there is the fun side of Halloween - the trick-or-treating, the costumes, the candy, etc. But, there is also the scary side of Halloween as our fears are played upon leading up to the holiday.

It got me thinking about our greatest phobias. That, and this great article that highlights Louisiana's most searched phobia.

Oddly enough, Louisiana's "Most Searched Phobia" in 2021 was water. On one hand, I find that odd because we are surrounded by water. You think Louisianians would be used to it!

WWLTV via YouTube
WWLTV via YouTube

But, on the other hand, water has caused so much damage to our area in the form of flooding and hurricanes so I can see how it has become our "Most Searched Phobia."

In 2023, KTAL News points out the most googled phobia in Louisiana is trypophobia, defined by the dictionary as "extreme or irrational aversion to or fear of clusters of small holes or bumps."

unsplash via Yuheng Ouyang
unsplash via Yuheng Ouyang

My greatest phobia has always been the fear of choking to death. It's something that freaked me out as a child when I had a horrible choking experience in the middle of a church service.

We decided to ask our listeners about their greatest phobias and came across some interesting answers. One of those answers: the flying tree roach.

Roaches are really nasty! Those pests should never be airborne!

Below are some of the other answers we received.

Is your greatest phobia on this list?

Is Your Greatest Phobia On This List?

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