One morning, I guess a little over a month ago, we ended the show at 10am and Debbie Ray asked me if I had a second.  And I know it sounds weird, but I knew what she was going to say to me.  She said, "I wanted you to be the first to know that I've decided to retire".  And I said, "I always said when it was time, you'd know."  And that was it.

Debbie Ray and I would have been together 22 years this coming January.  She will be leaving December 7, after the Polyester Power Hour that Friday morning.  She will return when my new co-host is out on vacation or sick.

Debbie Ray will NEVER be replaced.  What we have is special and it will always be.  And I will look forward to the days she returns to fill-in.

I really believe in my heart of hearts that you will love the young lady who will be taking over Deb's chair.  Her husband is in the military, she loves Lafayette and she knows how to say boudin.  This week she is sitting with us in the control room learning her new position.  Later this week, we will introduce her.

Thank you for continuing to make KTDY your station of choice.  I've always said, the KTDY audience, is the best listening audience in the world.

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