The recent KTDY trip to New York and Bermuda included 2 nights in the heart of Manhattan before boarding Anthem of the Seas to the Isle of Bermuda.  Our host hotel was the Wyndham Times Square.  When our listeners walked out of the hotel, they turned right and within a few hundred feet was the most exciting place on Earth, Time Square NYC!

The hustle and bustle of Times  Square New York is really something one can't imagine, you have to see it in person.  I had not been in about 20 years, but it was just like I'd left it.  Maybe more colorful these days due to the invention of LEDs.

Times Square is maybe most famous these days for the Good Morning America Studios.  Many KTDY listeners stood out front of the ABC studio windows one morning to get on national television.

And of course, once a year on New Year's Eve, the whole world watches as the ball drops in Times Square signifying the new year.  Millions of people crowd the streets to ring in the new year.

Times Square is one amazing destination.  The sites.  The energy. The chaos.  But I have to tell ya, to me, it looks a whole lot bigger on television than in real life.

In this video, I'm standing in the very center of Times Square,  Take a look as I show you Times Square while standing in the epicenter of the most iconic city on Earth.

KTDY Listeners Times Square New York 2019

KTDY Listeners Time Square 2019
Photo, Travel Machine

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