Emily J, co-host on the KTDY morning show, announced on the air today that she will be leaving KTDY and Louisiana.  Her last day on the KTDY morning show will be tomorrow June 28, during the Polyester Power Hour.

Emily had found what she referred to as her, "Dream Job".  Emily J and her husband Garrett had been wanting to move to Louisiana after having been in the Lake Charles and Deridder areas.  Garrett had been stationed at Fort Polk and Emily was doing some work for Townsquare Media in Lake Charles.  They fell in love with the South.

After Debbie Ray, who was on the KTDY morning show for almost 22 years, retired late last year, Emily J was thought to be the perfect replacement.  She and her husband were in Georgia when she was offer the job of co-hosting the KTDY morning show after Debbie Ray's departure.  Emily was so excited.  The plan was for her to come to Louisiana first, then Garrett would join her at a later date, as the Army indicated that transferring him to Louisiana would not be a problem.

Shortly after Emily J arrived in Acadiana, she found out she was pregnant.  The baby is due mid to late August.  It was all working perfectly.  Emily was enjoying her position with Townsquare Media Lafayette, a baby on the way and Garrett was about to be relocated here.  It was this couple's fairytale coming true.

Then, the news came.  Garrett was not going to be transferred to Louisiana, but instead to New Jersey.  Emily staying in Lafayette with a new job, new baby and her husband in the Army way out on the East coast just wasn't going to be the best scenario for their family.

Emily J will do one final show on the KTDY morning show tomorrow June 28, then head back home to Georgia to collect her belongings so that she and Garrett can start their new lives in New Jersey.

Through the magic of radio, Emily may still be on KTDY periodically.  Her body may end up in New Jersey, but her heart and voice may still be here.  Technical discussions are going on now.  Fingers crossed!

Emily's energy, sense of humor, professionalism and drive was a blessing to KTDY and all who worked with her over the last six months.  She will be missed tremendously.

On a personal note, I'm selfishly sad.  Emily is truly a remarkable young woman and I will miss her.  But leaving is the right thing to do.

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