I have been very blessed to go on many KTDY trips with thousands of wonderful people from Acadiana and beyond.  We've taken planes, ships, trains, trams, taxis, buses, ferry-boats, regular boats, if it moves, we've used it.  All except one have been through Travel Machine in Lafayette.  The KTDY Sailaway to New York and Bermuda a few weeks ago may have been my favorite yet.  I really enjoyed the divided destinations.  New York was amazing and Bermuda beautiful and peaceful.  Quite a contrast from the Big Apple.  In this video, I want to show you one public beach in Bermuda called Horseshoe Bay Beach.  These are the places KTDY and Travel Machine take you.

My daughter Brittni, my friends and I took a private tour of the Isle of Bermuda, all 22 miles of her.  I'll be sharing some of those videos and pictures with you over the next few days.  In this video however, we were at Horseshoe Bay Beach.  The colors of the water and stunning view were like nothing I've ever seen before.

If you are wondering if this beach had that famous pick sand we've spoken so much about, the answer would be yes, but not as much as some of the others.


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