It was so wonderful having Bernadette Lee come with us on the KTDY Cruise to Bermuda this year.  She is so funny, so talented and just a super fun lady.  This year, she played the drums for everyone.  There's only one thing wrong with that senerio, she doesn't know how.

It was the night of the KTDY cocktail hour on board Royal Caribbean's Anthem of the Seas.  Our group took over one of the lounges on board the ship.  Cat Terrebonne from Travel Machine was on hand as well as Travel Machine owner Maegan Sonnier.  I got up on stage for a short time as well.

However, it was Bernadette Lee who stole the show when I asked her to go on stage and play the drums.  Not only did she play the drums, but Cat sang!

I'm sure the lounge staff could not wait till we all left.

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