I am sure going to miss my Dad on Sunday. He was 84 years old when he died, and had lived the perfect life. At least that was what he would have said if you'd asked him. He and Mom raised two fine boys, and me. He was a retired Captain in the Fire Department, and a retired tv technician. He knew how to do everything, and shared his knowledge with joy and patience. He could repair cars, grow plants, and craft and upholster furniture. He could whistle like nobody's business and knew all the birds by their songs. He played baseball and built ships before he joined the Navy in WWII and served aboard a destroyer that was hit by a kamikaze. Despite the things he saw, or maybe because of them, he lived the rest of his days always choosing the right path- the one toward kindness and light. He was always willing to help anybody who needed him, any time. He treated everyone he met with respect and never met a stranger. Dad taught me all the important things in life that I'm still trying to learn: kindness, generosity, humility, humor and grace. He taught me, by his example, to look for the good in every person and in every situation. He loved his family, his citrus trees, crossword puzzles and baseball. He was more proud of me than I could ever deserve.

I will miss you Sunday, Dad, and every day.

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